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Chief Who Uses Colorful and Stylish Voices That Makes Music Unique

Introducing an independent manly songster and rapper, with a preoccupation for music since as far as he can remember, ChiefL.E.S. The artist is known for producing veritably dynamic and different music. Born in Nigeria, but presently living in Delaware, USA the artist officially began making music in 2020 and released his first single in April of the same time. The music that Chief produces belongs to the stripes of Rap, Trap, Hipsterism Hop, R&B, Afropop, Afrobeat, Dancehall, Reggae and World Music.

The artist has so numerous styles of music that none of his music sounds the same. He uses colorful voices and styles of voices, making each song unique and distinct. He doesn’t use autotune or voice enhancers and portrays his natural gift. Chief states that he loves hipsterism hop the most, but feels that he’s‘ foamless like water.’

When it comes to creating music, Chief produces it by first delineation alleviation from the world and people around him. He can be plant creating punchlines and words all the time that he implements in the inflow of different subjects of his songs. His genuine passion for music led him to study music from age to Tin Pan Alley to all of the 21st century. The different societies, styles, and stripes that he has studied all serve as sources of alleviation for him which he adapts in his music to tell stories about his gests and bournes.

Photographed by Christopher J. Vitale

Chief can be planted collecting alleviations for measures and sounds in his music, indeed though we hear sounds every day. For illustration, the crashing sounds of kitchen implements or indeed of tykes barking. He’s so educated at conforming these sounds that he can indeed write a story to shots, click clacks and enchantresses. The artist believes that music isn’t only an instrument or a voice, but the arrangement of sound so that it pleases the observance.
The confident, determined, and obsessed with music artist is ready to push himself farther by doing other stripes until he believes he’s the stylish at it. He feels that the saying that a jack of all trades is a master of none, but is still always better than a master of none fits him well. Chief was blessed to have been suitable to work with some of the stylish Nigerian artists and decided to do what they do further in an attempt to pursue his dreams. There’s a calling deep in his heart to be great which inspires him to keep working harder and grow each and every day.

In an interview with us, he states, “ I’m the stylish hipsterism- hop musical artist in the world. Nothing can do what i can, nothing!”

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