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“Rap might be the first genre that springs to mind when people think about Utah’s music culture. However, this may be changing as more young rappers start to take an interest in this genre. Introducing Lyrique King, a rapper from Salt Lake City, here to change the rap game in the music industry. Lyrique King began making music in 2019 after signing with the label Apollo III. Lyrique King can be best described as a unique rapper, singer, and songwriter He has been making exceptional music since then in the rap, hip-hop, and trap genres of music. He debuted his first song, named Empire 101 Bars, which will prove to be a success over time.


Lyrique King has the kind of music that cannot be put into a box. His music does not strive to sound like anyone or for his music to sound like anything else out there. Lyrique King makes the kind of music that touches himself on a spiritual level and hopes to touch others as well. In Lyrique King’s creative process, he finds a beat that makes him feel something. To find the right vibe, the right beat is important to him. Then he pictures what he wants the song to sound like. He writes from the heart to the beat and chooses how he wants every aspect of the song to sound by itself. Lyrique King keeps going back to each part and perfecting it until the song is completed to how he wants it to sound.
Lyrique King was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the projects. His mother wanted a better life for his brother and him, so they moved to Salt Lake City, UT with her church congregation. It was hard being a minority in a mostly white state and one of the very few minorities. Lyrique King has dealt with major adversity and discrimination. He was the only black kid in every class and in every group of friends that he had. So, to feel like he did not fit in, he turned to the streets. Lyrique King was in and out of the juvenile system and during his entire young adult life, he made worse decisions as an adult. Lyrique King also went to federal prison for 3 years, and like many others, that is where he started to write music. Lyrique King got out and turned his life around for the better, and he would like to think that music has helped keep him out of trouble. Their love of music he had has helped him through his journey, and it has made him a better person in life.

Lyrique King was looking for a way to release a lot of things that he was holding inside due to his past events. As music has a powerful impact on both the body and the emotions, it has always proved to be an effective way to release all the negative thoughts one has. Instead of finding that release in negative ways like he did his whole life, Lyrique King turned to music. As vital as it is, music enabled Lyrique King to feel almost all of the emotions he went through in life. Lyrique King started writing his feelings and worries down on paper and found that it helped a lot. Lyrique King wants to help others who share the same struggles get through them as he did. He wants his music to be a breakthrough for people who are struggling with the same issues that Lyrique King has faced in life. Lyrique King wants to inspire people by making, producing, and writing songs to which people can relate. They feel heard and they know that it will get better.

In the future, we can expect Lyrique King to do big things. Lyrique King has the kind of music that will prove to be a motivation for many people out there. We will be witnessing Lyrique King becoming a name that is known across the world. Lyrique King is all set on his road to becoming the next rapper in the music industry, and he won’t stop until he has achieved a spot at the top. Lyrique King’s will be all about striving for greatness and keeping making music that people want to hear.

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