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Naadier Riles. He is the Owner of Global Heartbreak and a native of New Brunswick, New Jersey, 

Naadier Riles is a 25-year-old college graduate passionate about working with the youth and being the mentor figure he didn’t have growing up. Naadier Riles started his business on July 19th, 2017, using it as a way to express his emotions. The brand proved to be a success. Global Heartbreak expanded and emotions are still being told through streetwear, but now Naadier Riles expresses other people’s stories through his platform.

Global Heartbreak, or GHB for short, is a clothing brand for the brokenhearted. GHB stands for people all across the globe who have been hurt and heartbroken by a friend, relationship or even losing a parent. Not just in the sense of the people dying, but maybe bridges that were burnt or even grudges being helped. The brand aims to tell stories through designs and logos that everyone can relate to.

Global Heartbreak is a brand that releases limited and unique pieces A lot of items sell out fast due to the high demand and the celebrity popularity GHB has provided boxer briefs, shorts, hoodies, bodysuits, sweatsuits, hats, wristbands, sweatpants, graphic tees, hockey jerseys, etc

In the future, we can expect more celebrity collaborations and ambassadors supporting the brand. GBH has worked with NFL stars such as Maurice FFRENCH, Anthony Brown JR, Rasad Weaver, Ter’shawn Wharton, and more. This year going into 2023, we will be releasing GBH’s first-ever shoes, “Global Air.” They will be limited to only 75 pairs, and they will have a Kanye West college dropout theme.

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