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Meet 404hugo Artist From Atlanta, GA

404hugo began making music at the age of 18 and from there took it very seriously. There’s many different ways to describe 404hugo’s music but the top three would definitely be versatile, melodic, and hype overall.

When it comes to 404hugo’s creative process it takes place once he gets inside the studio, he either already has his lyrics down to make his studio process easier or sometimes he’ll go inside the studio and freestyle his verses. It all honestly depends on the scenery and vibe he’s currently in because the vibe matters to him and it will determine which category of music you get from him that day whether it be versatile, melodic, or hype.

Throughout 404hugo’s music journey it was no doubt without a question tough, but over the years he’s met artists who have passed him up and went mainstream in the music industry. Even then 404hugo always kept at his own pace and never watched how another person got theirs, he just moved accordingly with learning not just to be an artist but how to be an artist most importantly. He was put in positions that not every average artist would get to be in so therefore from the ages 18-23 he kept hustling for his craft and got placed in an involvement with a producer named BhunnaPhlexn who is a platinum producer who broke an artist named Comethazine and had many more placements. But 404hugo was later signed to Bhunna’s Label which is a Division of Sony Music Publishing.

404hugo’s inspiration to make music was the knowledge he gained sitting with A&R’s speaking about breaking artists which had got him inspired enough to learn how to manage himself as an independent artist. Not only that, it also helped him learn what it takes to get signed and how to maintain your place in the industry.

So far under 404hugo’s belt he has 3 Projects currently out now as we speak and he is currently working on a new Ep along with dropping new Music Videos, Interviews, and Live Performances which is something you can definitely expect from him.

Connect Me:

Instagram: @404hugo

Facebook: @404hugo

Twitter: @404hugo

Tiktok: @404hugo

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