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Meet Brother Nature “Kapua” Whos Roots Go Deep

Meet Nicholas Arrivals also known as “Kapua”

Kapua is an eccentric artist raised in the Bay Area, CA. Currently living in LA. Kapua is an unsigned independent artist who has been making music since the beginning of 2021. He is primarily is associated with genres such as Island music, Afro, Reggae, Dancehall, and Hip Hop.

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His creative music rhythms have sparked interest in many afro music & dancehall enthusiasts as he progresses in the music industry and polishes his music sound.

He started making music just a short time ago, in the beginning of 2021, Nicholas’ stage name “Kupua” was inspired by rich cultural catholic history. “The first Catholic chief of Guam was Chief Kepuha. I was always called the chief jr next in line, so I adjusted the spelling and would use “Kapua” as my usernames for my music.” Voiced Nicholas in an interview with Leballoo.

And thus his music career was born. Kapua dropped his first single “KING” on March 31st, 2021 

A breakdown of Kapuas music can be described as a blend of island vibes with hip-shaking beats. His Cultural organic sound makes you naturally want to dance to, sing along to, it brings good feels, with a whole lot of love. “I want to touch the bodies and souls of the masses with the feelings of upliftment, embracement, and unification.” Stated Nicholas in an interview with us.

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As Kapua expresses himself musically he has a very interesting way of coming up with the creative process of his music. Kupua mentioned in our interview; “The creative process for me is the most fun and special part of bringing a song to life. To paint the picture of what that’s like, I am usually in the studio with my cousins … & we attack the beat, first based on what I am feeling to specifically wanting to put out in terms of sound, feel, intention, message, the connection to the time or season of the year.” He goes on to explain that he needs to have a “conversation” with the instruments eternally & spiritually and get to know it, connect with it. 

He then stirs the pot as far as any melodies he is feeling. Once he solidifies the placement of melodies of what the hook will sound like, how the verses will be layed down & how the lyrics are sung according to the specific theme or topic. From there, it’s all fireworks!

He has a passion for entertainment and making people feel emotions that spread positivity and genuine vibes. He grew up dancing the majority of his life and holds that very dear to himself as he spent the entirety of his life dancing in his living room. Growing up his father was a DJ and was constantly performing and spinning on the turntables at events which gave Kapua an extra juice of enthusiasm for music.

Throughout Nickolas his childhood he’s been dancing at the local BBQs. schools gatherings, and weddings. Music has always hovered around him. But a very tragic moment when his grandmother passed away, he was chosen to speak a eulogy on behalf of the family this sparked a transition in his life to working harder than before for the people he loves.

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Now Nicolas is more driven with purpose than emotion and uses this purpose to connect with people even more so. A new vessel has circulated for him allowing himself to express himself in full form

We can expect a lot from Kapua as he slowly metastasizes local households with his music. His main objective now is to bring liveliness unity and passion to the people of the world. His craft and passion have always been for the people not for himself. This musical journey is a humble blessing for him and wants to use it as a tool to entertain and share his passion for liveliness and kindness to others.

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