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Nikill’s music is simply breathtaking and his musical prowess unparalleled.

NiKILL, a new singer and rapper from New Jersey, is here to give a new vibe to the emo hip-hop emerging in the mainstream.
Associated with a collective, NiKILL released their first song in 2020. NiKILL started making music in 2016. NiKILL’smusci can be described as emo music with hypnotic flows. You will be able to experience different melodies in each song with a heavy emphasis on lyrics that will introduce you to a whole new vibe. NiKILL makes his music mainly from freestyle hooks in the studio and writes down verses to create something out of the box.

Music is a means of expression, allowing people to express themselves via music rather than words. That is essentially where all types of art originate. People’s emotions may be expressed via art. It allows people to express themselves. Music provides us a platform to cope with adversity. It provides us an outlet where we are able to convey how we feel or vent tough ideas and feelings that we are going through. NiKILL I grew up as a traumatised kid. Music was an outlet for him to help with his pain. You will be able to relate to his music and find solace in the lyrics of his songs. NiKILL’s ultimate goal is to make music for those who share his experiences. He hopes that his listeners may be able to relate to his songs and realise they are not alone.

Nikill's music is simply breathtaking and his musical prowess unparalleled.

NiKILL was inspired to produce music by Juice Wrld and Lil Peep. Their music spoke to him on a deep level, encouraging him to do the same. NiKILL’s future plans include bringing a fresh style to emo hip hop and making his imprint on the globe. He’ll be releasing new singles shortly for the rest of the world to hear.

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