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‘Silence Is Survival’, an independent band in America

‘Silence Is Survival’, an independent band comprises of America’s finest talent. Zach Pacella the maestro behind guitar, Ruseco the bass wizard and Sean Lavin, the backbone of this invincible trio.  Sean Lavin handles the lead vocals, guitar, and song writing, booking agents and marketing agents. Zach brings in all the support, from guitars to backing vocals to song writer and looking after the booking agent. Ruseco completes everything. Be it bass, song writing or handling the booking and marketing agents, ‘Silence Is Survival’ is a complete example of pure teamwork.

Based out of Quakertown, Pennsylvania, Silence Is Survival has come a long way to make a name for itself on the Pop and Pop/Post Hardcore to Pop Punk/Post Hardcore side. Their journey started when the trio were around the age group of 8-10. Sean’s inspiration to become a musician was solely watching Mark Wahlberg in his classic ‘Rock star’ and literally decided he wanted to be a famous musician in a band. Sean made his way through high-school by being mocked and made fun of when it came to music but as soon as he started to showcase his talent and released some of his tracks, people started to take back what they used to say and things turned out for the better. Silence Is Survival came into existence when Sean was at the theatre for the preview of ‘A Quiet Place’, at the end it said ‘Silence Is Survival’ and hence that was it. Their first release ‘Poison Letters’ was on October 22nd 2021, has been an ultimate success and is just the start to their legacy.

‘Silence Is Survival’, an independent band in America 1

“What you can expect us some awesome new stuff coming in the near future! I’m not gonna say which song but we are working on making a modern day version of a song from the late 60’s it’s going to be very exciting” says the band. The fans are quite excited and intrigued to see a rendition to a classic especially with their sound and beats. Silence Is Survival is one of the most genuine band out there that have their own identification in terms of authenticity, approach towards the niche genre and of course, their music. Silence Is Survival is on the verge of taking over the world and with a constant raise in their fans from all around the world, time is not far when they’re recognized in every country.

Get to know more about them on their Instagram @sisbandpa

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