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The Hybrid Skilled Claude, a six-figure earner

Claude, an immigrant from Haiti, has been struggling for 16 years to give himself the life he has always desired. Since he was an immigrant, he did not have as many job opportunities to start his own life. He started his mobile phone business to provide for himself and his family. His business was bound to succeed due to his innovation, and he was able to complete his college education at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Claude is a great inspiration for people who believe that all it takes is an innovative idea and an endless amount of struggle to create the life they have always desired.

The self-proclaimed Florida man is now a hustler, Meet Claude Leger

The self-proclaimed Florida man is now a hustler, a player. Moreover a six-figure earner shaping himself to be the next humanitarian where he offers guidance to his students on how to kick start their forex trading journey. This well-established entrepreneur has led by example, by taking meticulously calculated risks at the start of his career to establish his name in the market to improve his student’s bottom-line results. Surprisingly humble and giving to his students and ruthless when it comes to making a deal in the market while others flaunt his success. He also has an unshakable sense of confidence, which is inevitable in his student’s financial performance. Right now he continues to bring that very same mentality as a mentor for hundreds of his students to make a u-turn in their lives as pretty much he did for himself.

Look out world cause we do not even know what Claude’s next move will be? 

The self-proclaimed Florida man is now a hustler, Meet Claude Leger 3

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