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Vortex is the Cryptocurrency of Music

It has become very difficult in times like theses to promote your music organically without being scammed in the process. If you are looking for a team to get behind your music promotion then get ready for the ride of your life with Vortex. A music marketing agency ran by a former artist who is providing hands down one of the best experience an artist is looking for when it comes to marketing. Let’s go on a whirlwind with Vortex. Your one stop hub for everything you need to grow your fanbase and kick start your artist career in the right direction. Established in 2021 strait out of Miami, Vortex is creating waves by scouting up talented artist not only from the United States but from all over the world, marketing their music on all the major platforms such as spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Audiomack, Youtube and much more.

At Vortex let “Ish” the Ceo and his very talented team deep dive in the artist profile to analyze whether or not the artist has what it takes to make it on the big stage. They will consult, guide and deliver your music to the right target audience to which they will appreciate your style of music no matter what. Through their unique scouting program they look at an artist’s catalog to determine their craftsmanship in their music in order to convert those listeners to their followers. If they do then you are in the ride of your life. Then let Vortex do what it’s best known for, that is to deliver:

  • Quality organic streams from listeners which resonate with the artist niche and genre.
  • To provide the artist with good numbers on their banger tracks which was promoted to attain good royalties which can be reinvested back in their music such as studio time, song writing, hire a good producer or reinvest in their marketing.
  • Aggressively push the marketing campaign in such a way to trigger the algorithms to get the tracks featured on discover weekly or editorial playlists.
  • Promote high quality ad campaigns by taking snippets of the single, Ep or Album to convert those listeners to your followers where they will go to the grave.
  • Placing tracks in the right playlists with healthy followers to generate streams as well.
Vortex is the Cryptocurrency of Music - Vortex Success
Vortex Top Achievement.

Besides promotion with Vortex you can get your distribution sorted out where they will deliver the same services as other players in the market but will amplify your experience with on time upload of unlimited tracks on all major platforms and royalty payouts will be given the minute streaming platform pays out with 25% higher royalties.

They got a whole team with talented consultants, content writers, graphic designers, curators  to facilitate blog post, video making and editing of the highest quality and most importantly music distribution and promotion.

Not only this they will make a sleek website and EPK’s on one page to match your artist persona and social media management.

The team at Vortex do know what they are doing and preparing themselves for the future as well. Besides the royalties which will be generated from promotion, you can also publish and mint NFTs where you can distribute your digital merchandising to earn some side bread and to embark on the metaverse which is almost upon us. They will customize the NFT to cater the brand.

They have 1500 artist to show in their huge catalog of artists such as the likes of Blac Chyna, Scurtdae, Trippie Redd & Lil Mosey who are still with them to this date and who knows where this company will be looking like in the coming next years. And the scary thing is it has just started

So the big question, “Can I trust this company with my music and more importantly my money ?” 

Analyzing @Vorrtexmedia from the outside looking in, based on there company profile, business model & qualifications in artist growth. They seem qualified enough to create an environment where an artist can thrive. Vorrtex gets the stamp of approval. 

Take your Music out on a spin with Vortex

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